The Enchanted Mind.


When chaos echoes through the enchanted mind,

And thoughts stir a whirlwind of emotions,

When hopelessness has given birth to desperation,

When recognition is the only salvation,

When dreams have failed to become a reality,

And then all of a sudden,

A young fragile mind has shown me light,

A young boy of maybe ten roaming the streets with a glow in his eyes but with a heavy bag and a heavier heart,

He said,”I am very worried”.

And went into a daze.

Me and my friend froze not knowing what to utter,

His pain embraced and touched us in a million of ways,

We considered ourselves  naive beings,reeling in negativity.

And vowed to always be positive and work harder.

“Afzal” his name was,

Teaching us in a fraction of seconds,an entire eternity.






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