As I lay in bed trying to caress myself to fall asleep,

A thought as ordinary as the autumn leaves falling unguarded by the wind fathomed itself into a constellation of its own,

I questioned myself about the next rostrum of life,

Funny though, a thoughtful deliberation on living is taken away in our almost mechanical persuasion of life,

Monotonously we go on as has been done for decades older than we can even conceive,

One stage after another,

And then what becomes of it all?

What do we seek at the end of it all when all our energies have been majestically but emphatically taken from our souls?

A redemption from all the heavenly deeds performed or not,

Have we ever in our senses as strong as the mighty force of a waterfall thought about not treading the roads eternally travelled by?

Can’t our lives be moulded by the desires we hold as deep as the ocean?

Can’t we ever bring our real moralities to the fore?

Can’t our intentions be as pure as the pearl uncrafted to perfection?

Can’t our needs ever be different like how we never see the same assemblage of stars again!

Just..Can’t it?



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