Magical it is of meeting a soul that can terrify and calm you at the same time,

Which rages a storm within you and arises the ferocious tides,

But brings a sudden serenity,

Magical it is of meeting a soul who enchants you to lay your fragile soul bare,

To witness that vulnerable feeling of showing your scarred wounds that you would otherwise never choose to exhibit,

How terrifyingly astonishing can that be?

To meet that someone who brings the calm before the storm,

And soothes you after raging through the trails of your wicked mind,

How refreshingly exhausting can that be?

When your want has been replaced by dire needs for that one soul which has audaciously distracted you from within,

When you have lost all the strength to save yourself from being completely allured by that one soul,

And that is when you realize that love has entirely won every struggle.


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