A Star Story!


I catch glimpses of each one of you every night when the skies are like crystal adorning my luminosity,

My constant spirit breathes a new high,

My soul is merry for the sky has asked me on a date tonight,

Oh the wind is as amazed as me!

For that surely signifies,

A beautiful aura,

Oh look! I can see you now,

The angry sun has been mellow today,

For his mother may have scolded him for not having giving you the chance to have new adventures like any other day,

Oh! But I am merry tonight!

My date has arrived faster than the BMW parked outside your house my dear friend!

Well,I see a whole lot of you going about your chores like you haven’t noticed me yet,

Some are busy sorting their muddled thoughts,

Some are busy mending their notorious actions,

Some are planning,

But little do they know these will remain plans forever,

Some are happy discovering themselves,

Some seek happiness with another bewitched soul,

Yes! you all do have a little spark of magic in yourselves,

Some are deeply involved in discovering new sights,

Relishing new tastes,

Meeting distinct habits of diverse souls,

Some are creating new beats,

Some are still keeping past memories alive,

Some are drenched in the sounds of their own laughter,

Oh telling these tales may take me a new lifetime,

So lets talk about my date with the sky tonight,

I wear my old dress for which I have the sky’s unparalleled attention,

A bit shimmery,a bit shiny!

We sit in the breathtaking light emanating from his presence,

He tells me of the things he did during the day,

And I tell mine,

Moments pass smoothly, with no awkward tension hanging in the wind,

We stare into each other’s eyes for a while,

I am dazzled by his hypnotizing light,

Sloshed in sleep now,

I can barely tell you who I am,

But as you might have very well guessed,

Here I am your dear little twinkling star.


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