My Musings!


This began since time meant crossing dates on calender’s which hung in my room,

Waiting eagerly for the sun to set and the day to end,

My favorite part of the entire day would be to know that there was one less day I had to wait,

To see him jump out of the taxi with his shiny black hair and a small bag,

Alas! He could always stay only for a few days,

A part of me will always remain empty,

It was always a little rough not having him around,

For my Birthdays,

“Hasn’t your Dad come?”

Me,”No,he didn’t get leave!”

For festivals,

“Hey! Where is Uncle?”

Me,”Oh this is the busiest time of the year!”

After a while,

It was like playing a broken record of the old classic songs,

The kajal would smother itself off because my eyes would become moist searching for your invisible presence,

For PTM’s,

Ma had to be the only one to listen to all my notorious doings,

Oh how angry she would be,

How she would rant about Father staying away from us,

To give the best I could ever receive.

How for gatherings with loud music playing,

Mamma and me would console ourselves by watching long gone award shows while eating our meal,

This opportunity would come many times in a year though,

Not to miss out on the tagged photos which awaited us the next day,

On Sundays,

Ma and me would be the only odd couple bargaining prices of vegetables and fish,

Secret conversations held on the phone with Father to gift Ma something on her Birthday.

Some phrases will never describe the loneliness at nights,

Or when earthquakes had become daily visitors,

I missed going out to dinner or to the movies on Sunday eve,

I missed the long drives,

I missed the spontaneous trips to the Hills just to eat Momo’s which would always be our favourite,

Well, my musings can go on and on,

Endlessly like the ocean,

The horizon only a delusion,


We adjust to different situations,

That’s how we live,

That’s how we breathe,

That’s how we grow.


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