As I lay in bed trying to caress myself to fall asleep,

A thought as ordinary as the autumn leaves falling unguarded by the wind fathomed itself into a constellation of its own,

I questioned myself about the next rostrum of life,

Funny though, a thoughtful deliberation on living is taken away in our almost mechanical persuasion of life,

Monotonously we go on as has been done for decades older than we can even conceive,

One stage after another,

And then what becomes of it all?

What do we seek at the end of it all when all our energies have been majestically but emphatically taken from our souls?

A redemption from all the heavenly deeds performed or not,

Have we ever in our senses as strong as the mighty force of a waterfall thought about not treading the roads eternally travelled by?

Can’t our lives be moulded by the desires we hold as deep as the ocean?

Can’t we ever bring our real moralities to the fore?

Can’t our intentions be as pure as the pearl uncrafted to perfection?

Can’t our needs ever be different like how we never see the same assemblage of stars again!

Just..Can’t it?

The Enchanted Mind.


When chaos echoes through the enchanted mind,

And thoughts stir a whirlwind of emotions,

When hopelessness has given birth to desperation,

When recognition is the only salvation,

When dreams have failed to become a reality,

And then all of a sudden,

A young fragile mind has shown me light,

A young boy of maybe ten roaming the streets with a glow in his eyes but with a heavy bag and a heavier heart,

He said,”I am very worried”.

And went into a daze.

Me and my friend froze not knowing what to utter,

His pain embraced and touched us in a million of ways,

We considered ourselves  naive beings,reeling in negativity.

And vowed to always be positive and work harder.

“Afzal” his name was,

Teaching us in a fraction of seconds,an entire eternity.







The fear of rejection now grips me with all its might

for fear can destroy even the bravest of all.

Nothing seems to heal within

A fresh  wound is created everyday even as the old still struggle to heal.

For each person has a voice of his own which is now trampled by millions.

How do we overcome this stagnation?

For the whole world is craving to be our inspiration.

Let us drown in our dreams and soak them up

For that is the only way

to make a mark.


wrath of  NATURE

I let my thoughts wander,                                                                                                         hopping from one to another,                                                                                               aimlessly like the wind.

Unique is man’s mind,                                                                                                             thinking,creating without fear,                                                                                                       fear but has to,                                                                                                                                       our mighty mother nature,  

When we feel her fury,                                                                                                                      even the greatest is no compare,                                                                                                   each has to bow down,                                                                                                                      each has to accept,                                                                                                                               the wrath of nature


Believe or faith in yourself is a tool that helps to build ourselves and shape our lives for the better.But,these days in a world so competitive and fast-paced ,we find our believe in ourselves slowly breaking,crumbling like a pack of cards.This the part where we lose our whole battle before even starting it. GAME OVER!

As a growing up teenager I have faced many instances or rather obstacles where I have doubted myself.I felt that I am alone facing this huge bad and crazy world.But,I have started to realize that this tool or force or whatever we call it is the most important.BELIEVE that we can achieve whatever we want to achieve! There is a special quality within each of us that we have to learn about and embrace.There will always be competition,there will always be a bunch of people telling us that we are not worthy enough but, to succeed in spite of all odds is not impossible.The greatest pleasure in life is to achieve something that others could only dream of.

I would like to conclude with a phrase:

“If you want to win,you have to learn to be the master of the game.”images (2)